Hot Bunnies NFT is releasing a collection of 5000 cartoon-styled, blockchain Hot Bunny badasses, making the Solana Network look hot!

main launch

Available now !

We are Organizing The Biggest Giveaway in NFT History worth over $500,000 to our NFT Holders consisting of a 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo, a 2021 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe, Luxury Rolex, and Cartier Watches, as well as a total of $50,000 worth of Crypto (SOL), donated to lucky NFT Holders and more  “

$10,000 + 50 FREE NFTs


1. Cork up the Champagne

Cork up the Champagne, join our Discord and start watching the greatest NFT creation to date, we are on the way towards the Bunny Palace. We will be raffling 10 Hot Bunnies once we reach 20,000 members on Discord on our Official Instagram LIVE which 10 lucky Hot Bunnies NFT supporters from our Discord will win.


2. Top 10

The top 10 Discord Hot Bunnies NFT supporters with the most Discord Invites will win 20 Hot Bunnies Nfts, two Hot Bunnies NFT each as well as $1000 worth in SOL each. This giveaway will end on November 22th, 2021.


3. Giveaway

– 5 Hot Bunnies NFT will be raffled on IG LIVE among our Instagram followers. This giveaway will end on November 22th, 2021. 

– 5 Hot Bunnies NFT will be raffled among our Twitter followers. This giveaway will end on November 22th, 2021. 

– 10 Hot Bunnies NFT will be given away to selected Influencers. This giveaway will end on November 22th, 2021

$500,000 GIVEAWAY! Greatest NFT Giveaway in History

The Bunny Palace Hostesses are the 104 Hot Bunnies who are partying and having a fun time at The Bunny Palace. Each owner of those Ultra rare Hot Bunnies NFTs will be rewarded with the greatest giveaway in NFT History.


1. 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo/2021 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe ($350,000)

Two incredibly lucky NFT holders will win either a 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo or $280,000 in SOL or a 2021 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe or $70,000 in SOL. Once the Hot Bunnies NFT are fully sold out, the owners of the Ferrari Bunny & Mercedes Bunny will be the lucky winners of the greatest giveaway in NFT history. Ferrari Bunny & Mercedes Bunny are Ultra rare with only 2 out of 9696 Hot Bunnies NFTs.


2. Rolex Datejust II Wimbledon & Cartier Santos Giveaway

The Two Lucky NFT Holders of Rolex Bunny & Cartier Bunny will win one Brand New 2021 Rolex Datejust II Wimbledon and one Santos De Cartier Watch Yellow Gold, Steel. Rolex & Cartier Bunny are Ultra rare with only 2 out of 9696 Hot Bunnies NFTs.


3. $50,000 (SOL Crypto Giveaways)

100 lucky NFT holders of the Cash Is King Bunny collection will win a combined sum of $50,000 worth in (SOL) divided equally among the 100 NFT holders and Lucky winners. Cash Is King Bunnies are Ultra rare with only 100 out of 9696 Hot Bunnies NFTs.


4. 200 Free NFT Giveaways

50 FREE Hot Bunnies NFTs will be won by 50 lucky and hardworking supporters on the whitelist presale. 150 Hot Bunnies NFTs will be given for FREE to 150 randomly selected confirmed Hot Bunnies NFT holders.


Airdrops & benefits!

To the loyal supporters and verified NFT holders we will airdrop Hot Bunnies NFTs as thank you. The holders of 5+ Bunnies will receive 1 airdrop. The holders of 10+ Bunnies will receive 2 airdrops, and the holders of 20+ Bunnies will receive 3 airdrops.


Community Fund

to Wipe out Paper-hands

Once we concluded our airdrops we will organize the Community Fund where our verified holders can choose to invest 100 USD in SOL to maximize their investment which will go to a Community Fund which will have one sole objective which is to buy up NFTs listed under 2 SOL. The NFTs bought will be raffled to our verified fund investors and the NFTs sold by Paper-hands will return to loyal supporters and holders.


Season 2 Whitelist Pre sale

Mint date Jan 2022.

We will create an additional 50 Golden keys to give more people the opportunity to have the chance to participate at our events and be able to attend The Bunny Palace MIAMI. You need to hold a minimum of 5 Bunnies to be able to be whitelisted for the Season 2 Golden Key Whitelist Presale.


Post Season 2 Whitelist Pre Sale Sell Out

$200,000 invested into Marketing & Bunny Palace MIAMI Party + Club Event

We will invest $200,000 immediately post Pre-Sale Sell Out of 300 Hot Bunnies NFTs and fund a Marketing Campaign Consisting of a Club event with one of the Greatest Artists and Celebrities on Earth. Hot Bunnies NFT will gain marketing exposure never seen before by our Club Event and Bunny Palace MIAMI private party. We are aiming to create a hype that has never been seen before in the NFT space and our road TO THE MOON has just begun. Get ready for liftoff. What will be done in January has not been done by anyone in this industry.


Miami Nightlife


We will organize the first-ever NFT event at one of the biggest and most popular nightclubs in Miami in January 2022. Where one of the biggest rappers in the world will perform at our Hot Bunnies NFT event. Again we are here to break records and change the NFT industry.


Bunny Palace MIAMI

We will throw the most unbelievable private Party in Miami at a luxurious giant 50 million-dollar Mansion in February 2022. The Bunny Palace MIAMI, where IG models, Adult Entertainment stars, Celebrities, etc… will be attending and it will be the most exclusive NFT party in the world to date with over 100 people attending. The date and location will be announced for the select qualified NFT Holders. To qualify as a Hot Bunnies Club member and be eligible for attendance to our private parties our NFT collectors have to own one Golden Key Hot Bunnies NFTs to gain access to our private member’s club or 20+ Bunnies.


season 2 main sale

Season 2 Main-sale 699 Bunnies Post Bunny Palace Miami party. Mint Date January 31st.

After we have shown the world how amazing Hot Bunnies NFT is and that our events are the best in the entire NFT space we will launch our Season 2 Main-sale of 699 NFTs. We expect our entire community to grow tremendously and increase in size.


increasing Floor Price

Focus on increasing Floor Price to 10 SOL after Season 2 is concluded

We will focus on attracting high net worth individuals and NFT investors that will purchase highly listed NFTs and drive the floor price up. Our goal is to have a tight and loyal community that work together in raising the floor price and through the marketing campaign of our events we will attract High Net Worth Individuals that will want to attend our events and hold Hot Bunnies.

Hot Bunnies Merch

Hot Bunnies have launched an entire clothing line available for our NFT supporters at  that sports creativity and boldness never seen before amongst the NFT community and we plan on making both Crypto and NFTs looking sexy. We are excited to have both our supporters and real baddies sport our merch!

The World is Yours Chico

(Sunshine and stacks) 
In February 2022 we will Launch a one of a kind Exclusive Hot Bunnies NFT Collection yet with a wide variety of Celebrity collaborations, consisting of 3000 very Sexy Hot Bunnies available for minting. On top of that, we will organize an additional massive GIVEAWAY. Where one lucky NFT holder will win $50,000 USD in Solana if we sell out at least half the Collection as well as two winners will be winning a 7 day vacation with their hotel and flight paid for to Dubai where they can hang out with The Founder and he will personally show them around Dubai. The vacation will be at the end of February. Dubai gets too hot after the Spring so it is advised to go to Dubai in February.

Bunny Palace Meta

Purchasing of Land in the Metaverse (Bunny Palace Meta).
Post season 3 has been concluded we will purchase Land on the metaverse so that we can start organizing our Bunny Palace Meta events for all our NFT holders. We will allow the community to vote for where we will purchase land wether it is on Sandbox or Decentraland. Once season 3 is concluded we will decide on it as a community.


Bunny Palace International (Hot Bunnies Club)
We are going to Organize Three Exclusive Tremendous Parties per year in different locations around the globe where we will have some of the most gorgeous women on earth attending. Our Second Party is Planned on Mykonos Summer 2022 and our third event will be in the Winter in LA or potentially Dubai it has not been decided yet. Our Private parties will be invite-only to select celebrities and IG models. Exclusive and wild Parties where privacy is key with mandatory Non Disclosure Agreements signed before attendance.
To qualify as a Hot Bunnies Club member and be eligible for attendance to our private parties our NFT collectors have to own one Golden Key Hot Bunnies NFTs to gain access to our private member’s club. We also allow 20+ holders access to the events however we might raise it from 20+ Bunnies to 50+ post season 3 and with great demand. This will not be easy for the average collector, but for the determined individuals, they will collect and build their Hot Bunnies NFT collection and gain membership to one of the most exclusive private party members clubs in the world.

Hot Bunnies Festival

For those that were unable to acquire a Golden Key or 20-50+ bunnies we will be purchasing a one day pass to a festival in The US or in Europe of our choice to the Holders of 3+ bunnies. They however have to show proof that they will attend the festival. This is an award for the holders that were unable to attend our private events and we want to thank them for their loyal support.


2% out of 10% of the Royalties goes to the holders.
We decided to give back to the loyal holders and those that supported our vision since the start. Therefore we will be giving 2% of the royalties distributed equally between the holders. The more Bunnies you hold the higher percentage out of the funds of the 2% you will receive. This will be distributed quarterly between the verified Hot Bunnies Holders and payouts will be in Solana.

We are here to change the game forever and make NFTs and Crypto sexy !


Got questions? We got answers!

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a piece of art that lives on the blockchain. Owning an NFT is just like owning a painting, but instead of owning it physically, you own it virtually, on the blockchain. Hot Bunnies NFT is a collection of 5000 different NFTs that will live on the Solana blockchain.

Hot Bunnies NFT is releasing a collection of 5000 cartoon-styled, blockchain Hot Bunny badasses, making the Solana Network look hot!
Each Hot Bunnies NFT sports a randomized collection of the Baddest Bunnies, and an assortment of Hot Bunnies accessories and luxury lifestyle items – ranging from expensive jewelry to sexy outfits, luxury bags, and more!

As many as you want !

Yes, we will be holding a Whitelist presale on Wednesday, January 5th, 2022, starting at 6 PM EST. Please join our Discord to stay updated.

Each Hot Bunny will be minted at 2 SOL on both our Whitelist Presale minting day on Wednesday, January 5th starting at 6 PM EST as well as our Main Sale Jan 31st starting at 6 PM EST. We encourage you to join the Presale Whitelist to benefit from being able to Mint 50 Golden keys out of 300 NFTs on that particular drop.

It will be available on our website hotbunniesnft.com for minting and solanart.io and digitaleyes.market for buying, selling, and trading afterward!

Join our Discord or follow us on Twitter for updates. All Hot Bunnies NFT purchases will be made at hotbunniesnft.com

Only 1250 Hot Bunnies NFTs will be available for qualified Whitelist Presale buyers on Monday, November 22nd, 2021, starting at 6 PM EST.

All other Hot Bunnies will be available for minting at https://hotbunniesnft.com on Monday, November 29th, 2021 starting at 6 PM EST.

Hot Bunnies are programmatically generated based on many different assets: Hairstyle, Skin, Clothes, Accessories, and Background.

A confirmed NFT holder means an individual that is a confirmed Hot Bunnies NFT buyer that owns at least one Hot Bunnies NFT and has provided proof of ownership.